Do Company Names Drive Success?

Quality is when the customer returns and the product doesn’t.

Jim Taglieber, Miami Valley Steel Service Inc

Names by themselves have little or no impact on company or product success. Good products make a successful company. Maybe that’s why product-led growth is such a powerful concept.

International Business Machines is a good name but it’s too long. We know the company as IBM. IBM is a terrible name. But it’s a successful company. How? From a century of creating, promoting, and supporting great products.

Yahoo is a terrible name. We loved their products until the quality suffered and we looked for alternatives. Google is a terrible name but their high-quality searching killed Yahoo.

Apple is a terrible company name. Can you imagine buying a Banana computer? Or a Persimmon phone? But why do so many consumers buy an Apple computer or phone? Good products.

Good products supported by strong promotion created Pepsi and Coke and Google and Apple.

So what do you do?

A good company name is a good start, of course. You want your name to be easy to say and easy to spell. With promotion, you could get people to come to your Banana web site but likely not your WERTYU#$%^Z website.

Ideally, your name is meaningful or unique, easy to remember, and easy to find in a search. But first, make a commitment to building good (or great!) products. Communicate them with strong messaging. Support them like crazy.

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