Do company names drive success?

Quality is when the customer returns and the product doesn't.Jim Taglieber, Miami Valley Steel Service Inc Names have little or no impact on company or product success. Good products make a successful company. International Business Machines is a good name but it’s too long. We know the company as IBM. IBM is a terrible name.... Continue Reading →

When The Product Is You

Have you been out there lately? Hunting for that perfect job is both easier and harder than ever before. You don’t have to be restricted to your nearest big city... but other candidates don’t either. Networking is easier but, alas, everyone’s network is bigger than before.

Do We Need Product Management?

People in product management roles—product managers, product owners, product marketing managers, and consultants—often talk about job responsibilities, methods, tools, and templates. We start from a presumption that product management is valued, and we focus on getting clarity on its mechanics. But what are the benefits of product management?

Expertise In Product Management

Let’s keep it simple. There are four types of skills needed to define and deliver products to market. Product leaders (by whatever title) attempt to support the team with all four types of knowledge but it’s rare to find all of these capabilities in a single person.

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